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Frequently Asked Questions


What applications is the CerbideTM material most suited for?


Cerbide™ is particularly useful as a wear part in applications requiring high corrosion and abrasion resistance. Due to its excellent thermal conductivity, adequate toughness, and improved chemical compatibility, Cerbide™ is the new choice for machining and cutting needs in low or no impact, high abrasion applications. Also because it lacks a binder, Cerbide™ is an excellent substrate material for diamond coating applications.

What is Cerbide's dimensional capabilities?


Cerbide is capable of producing:

-Most parts with the max size of 4” Diameter x 6.5” Length.

-Min. size ID of 0.040”diameter over a length of 1.0” &

-Min. size ID of 0.090”diameter over a length of 4.0”

However we are able to accomodate larger dimensions, send us a drawing and we will make it.

Can CerbideTM material be brazed?


Yes, Cerbide™ can be easily brazed (we suggest Braze 495 used with Handy Flux Type B-1 from Lucas-Milhaupt).

How is the CerbideTM material in corrosive environment?



Cerbide is 8 times better than Nickel binder Tungsten Carbide after 144 hours in Nitric, Acetic, or Sulfuric Acids.

Is the CerbideTM material magnetic?



Cerbide is non-magnetic.

How do you machine the CerbideTM material?



Cerbide can be EDM cut and diamond ground.