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Graphite & Composite Materials


The Cerbide material properties is ideally suited for the machinig of CFRP (Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer, ie composite materials)and Graphite. Both material are huge markets and primed for growth in the upcoming years. Owing to the exceptional property of graphite in supporting large batteries, the demand for graphite for the manufacture of commercially viable electric and hybrid vehicles has increased significantly in the last three to five years. The future of aerospace is also tied closely to CFRP as the Airbus A350 XWB and the Boeing 787 Dreamliner employees over 50% of CFRP material by weight.

Cutting Graphite (or carbon) is different from cutting Metals. Metal exerts plastic deformation when a tool edge cuts it producing a curl or chips. Graphite is abrasive material causing fast wear of metallic uncoated cutting tools. Management of tool life is critical because when machining composites, a tool must be replaced well before it fails, despite its high cost. As tools wear, machining progress slows dramatically and the cut quality declines.


Cerbide can be formed into many shapes of tooling for use in machining graphite and composite materials. Our tools is proven to last much longer then the typical cemented carbide tools. Cerbide can be run faster and hotter than traditional carbide, which allows higher run speeds and greater productivity. Due to our unique properties as a perfect substrate for diamond coating, our tools, when diamond coated, can last even longer that other tools coated with diamond.